Monday, May 14, 2012

Miranda Lambert Expects to Hear Some Groveling from Eric Church.

MIRANDA LAMBERT has accepted ERIC CHURCH'S apology for talking smack about singing competitions but that doesn't mean he's totally out of the woods. Miranda did an interview with Kenny Walker, Broadway & U-Turn on Florida's KISS Country, and they asked her how she's feeling about the whole thing. She said, quote, "To me, it's over. "It's sad that he probably got roped into a really bad interview. I think it's sad that they portrayed him that way and that he actually portrayed himself that way and cut down his friends. "He probably didn't realize he was cutting down his friends when he did it, but either way, he said something stupid and it's going to take a long time to make it up to people that he offended." So what will happen the next time Miranda runs into Eric? She said, quote, "I'll be fine. I'm sure that he (will) be groveling because he should."

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