Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Nine-Year-Old Boy Made a Series of Trades, and Turned a Toy Soldier Into a Trip to Disney World for a Fallen Soldier's Family

Back in February, nine-year-old Brendan Haas of Kingston, Massachusetts heard about the famous website One Red Paperclip . . . which is the story of how a guy used a series of trades to turn one red paperclip into a house. Brendan decided he wanted to try something similar . . . but he wanted to use his trades to help out the family of a fallen U.S. soldier. So he set up a Facebook page to trade one toy soldier for a trip to Disney World. The trade offers he got were VERY generous. He traded the toy soldier for a $50 Walmart gift card. That got him an overnight spa trip. That led to Red Sox tickets. Those led to a snowmobiling trip. And from there, he got the Disney World trip. On Memorial Day, he randomly picked one of the families of fallen soldiers who had emailed him. He chose the family of a soldier named Timothy Steele and sent them to Disney World, including airfare, hotel, and $900 in gift certificates. Steele was killed in Afghanistan last August at age 25. He left behind a wife and a two-year-old daughter . . . who coincidentally lived pretty close to Brendan, in Duxbury, Massachusetts.

Here's the Facebook page link.

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