Monday, June 4, 2012

Brad Paisley Wants to Duet with...Lady Gaga?

Brad Paisley took some time out from making his new studio album to perform on ABC's Good Morning America Friday. In addition to singing "Working on a Tan," "Water" and "Waitin' on a Woman" for the crowd in New York City's Central Park, Brad also revealed that he'd like to duet with Lady Gaga someday. We're not sure if he was serious or not. Before his set, Brad also tasted a few culinary delights from The Chew's Mario Batali on GMA. We'll keep you posted on any news surrounding Brad's upcoming album.

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  1. Wow, that' is really too bad you were unhappy with the sound. I've seen many a Brad show and have (fortunately) never had this kind of experience. tickets were cheap . I was only familiar witlh a couple of tunes, but was thoroughly entertained.