Monday, June 18, 2012

Is Tim McGraw Trying to "Out-Buff" Kenny Chesney?

TIM MCGRAW and KENNY CHESNEY are in the middle of their summer tour.  All the PR has been about their friendship . . . but I'm seeing something else. It looks like Tim is trying to "out-buff" Kenny.
Last Friday Tim Tweeted a shirtless photo of him holding an athletic shoe. As usual, he's all muscled-up . . . but now he's super cut, just like Kenny. Looks like he's 10 pounds lighter than he used to be. And check this out, Tim has been going out of his way on the tour to get Kenny to eat fattening crap. Kenny told CMTs Country Countdown USA, quote, "Tim knows I've been trying to lean my body down so I can fit in the jeans I wear onstage.  I think he's figured out that on Sunday, I'll eat whatever I want. "So, to test my will power he'll send me a dessert every day. He sent me a whole red velvet cake one day, and he knows I love red velvet cake. I think he's trying to do anything he can so he'll be skinnier than me."

Just as a side note...when Tim was on the road with Luke Bryan for the Emotional Traffic Tour, Tim had Luke's Ford Bronco painted up in graffiti! Removable paint of course. But Tim is known to be a prankster.

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