Friday, July 6, 2012

Did Taylor Swift Spend a Romantic Fourth of July With Patrick Schwarzenegger?

TAYLOR SWIFT spent three days over the Fourth of July holiday with the Kennedy family in Cape Cod,
Massachusetts. Including 18-year-old PATRICK SCHWARZENEGGER(--Taylor's 22.)
They were seen taking a private walk together on the beach, and there's a photo of them hugging, so naturally people started suggesting they might be a couple. But in the photo it's more like two friends saying hi . . . Patrick looks pretty casual, Taylor's doing the one-arm hug thing, and there are a bunch of other Kennedys around. Taylor got in with the Kennedys last year: A couple of kids in the extended family are huge fans, met her backstage, and invited her to the family compound. It probably helped that Taylor said she admired Ethel Kennedy . . . RFK's widow. Supposedly Taylor spent most of her time this week playing with the smaller kids and hanging out with friends, including DIANNA AGRON . . . the girl who plays Quinn on "Glee". The whole thing sounds pretty all-American: Sailing, capture the flag, bonfires.  Afterwards, Patrick Tweeted, quote, "Had such an amazing day.  Best 4th of July I could ask for. Hope everyone had a great day!"

Note:  Nobody knows who the kid in the center of the picture is. Patrick and Taylor are in the background.

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