Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jake Owen Doesn't Know Anything About Girls . . . And He's Getting Some Fatherhood Lessons From Tim McGraw.

JAKE OWEN and his wife Lacey Buchanan found out last week that they're going to have a baby in November. And how does Jake feel now that he knows he's going to have a daughter? He told CMT News over the weekend, quote, "I was scared at first, because I don't know anything about girls." They also asked him about how he and Lacey decided to learn whether it was a boy or a girl. But Jake said it was no big deal. Quote, "I wasn't into the surprise of it. I was already surprised when I found out she was PREGNANT." And as far as getting ready to be a dad, Jake says he has some good role models: His dad, his tour manager, his crew, and TIM MCGRAW, who he's been opening for on the 'Brothers of the Sun' tour. He said, quote, "Even doing what we do, guys out here show that it's possible to be a good dad. Tim was just outside working out, and he has his daughters right there with him. "I just have to maintain my focus. I don't want people thinking this will deter my perseverance."

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