Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lauren Alaina Says Brad Paisley Would Make a Great American Idol Judge.

Brad Paisley's name has surfaced as a potential judge for American Idol's upcoming 12th season, and season 10 finalist Lauren Alaina thinks Brad would be a good fit for the show. She's met him a few times and says, "I think that that would be really cool. He has a great personality. Every time I've talked with him, he's super nice." As one of the notable country artists to come from American Idol, Lauren thinks having Brad or another country star on the judges' panel is the right move for the show. "As far as country music as a whole, it's not really been, like, present every season," Lauren explains, "and I feel like that would definitely step it up a little bit on the show." Mariah Carey has signed on to serve as an American Idol judge next year, and her friend and original judge Randy Jackson is expected to return for the 12th season.

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