Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sherman Hemsley and Chad Everett Have Passed Away

SHERMAN HEMSLEY, THE star of "The Jeffersons" died at his home in El Paso, Texas. He was 74. The cause of death is unknown. Hemsley did not have a wife or kids. The Jeffersons" was actually a spin-off of "All in the Family". George Jefferson and his family first started appearing on that show in 1973, before getting their own show in '75. It ran until 1985. Hemsley also played a preacher in the comedy "Amen", which ran from 1986 to 1991.

Actor CHAD EVERETT died yesterday at his home in Los Angeles after battling lung cancer for about a year and a half.  He was 76. Chad was probably best known as the star of the '70s show "Medical Center". Throughout his career he guest starred on numerous TV shows. He was even in an episode of ABC's "Castle" earlier this year. His films included "Airplane 2", "The Singing Nun", "The Jigsaw Murders", David Lynch's "Mulholland Drive" 

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