Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Six-Year-Old's Breathing Problems are Solved . . . When His Doctor Finds a Fungus-Covered Lego Piece That's Been Stuck In His Nose For Three Years!!

Six-year-old Isaak Lasson of Salt Lake City, Utah has had horrible sinus and breathing problems for the past three years. His parents took him to several doctors, and they tried lots of antibiotics, but nothing worked. Finally, a few weeks ago, another doctor thought he might've spotted something jammed in Isaak's nose. A specialist removed it, and it turned out to be a LEGO PIECE COVERED IN FUNGUS.
Isaak's parents think he must've jammed it up there three years ago, right around when his breathing problems started. The Lego piece is shaped like a tire. Isaak must've folded it, put it in his nose, and it got stuck in his sinuses. Ever since it was removed, Isaak's breathing problems have gone away.

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