Thursday, August 2, 2012

Check Out This Great Looking Photo of Sara Evans Without Her Makeup.

SARA EVANS posted a Facebook photo of herself without makeup on Sunday and almost instantaneously her page was bombarded with "likes" and positive comments. In fact, within ten minutes of the post she had OVER 3,000 Facebook "likes"! And as of last night, she had passed 43,500. Here's Sara's original post, quote, "I'm feeling brave and posting a picture of me without makeup." Even more amazing is that Sara's gotten over 5,000 comments and 99.9% are positive. Even the negative ones are just guys trying, and failing, to be funny. Most of the comments were like, "You look better without makeup" . . . or . . . "You are gorgeous without makeup." And my favorite, "Hot is an understatement!" By the way . . . this didn't start out as any kind of statement by Sara. She did it on a whim because she was so pumped about the way her stylist had done her hair that day. Sara has impeccable timing too.  She was taping footage for one of her "Simply Sara" Webisodes while this whole thing was going down.  (--You can watch that here.)  As you'd expect, Sara was blown away by all the positive feedback. She said, quote, "We were truly shocked. I've never had that many 'likes' on anything. "I think people responded to it because it's just very real, and as women we are way, way too hard on ourselves. It just felt good to send a picture out with no makeup . . . just me exactly as I am . . . and get that kind of response."

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