Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Brad Paisley Will Fulfill the Wish of a Dying Man . . . By Playing the Guy's Custom-Made Guitar on His Next Album.

It's pretty cool when entertainers take the time to bring light into someone's life. This is one of those times.  A Pennsylvania man suffering from terminal cancer had a dying wish to have BRAD PAISLEY play his prized custom-made guitar. The man's name is Lee Feldman and he told York, Pennsylvania's WPMT-TV, quote, "I had this dream. And I said, 'Who can I find that can play the frets off a guitar?' And the voice came out and it said, 'Brad Paisley.'" Word got back to Brad and they met before his concert last Saturday. Brad agreed to play the guitar in a song on his next album. Feldman is very pleased. He said, quote, "That's the greatest thing I wanted to hear. I don't want that guitar to be a trophy. I didn't want it to sit and collect dust. I want somebody to play it and that's why I gave it to him."

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