Friday, October 12, 2012

Don't Bring a Sign to a Carrie Underwood Concert Asking Her To Kiss You . . . Because It's Not Going to Happen

It was kind of cute when CARRIE UNDERWOOD kissed that 12-year-old boy who held up a homemade sign at her show last month in Louisville, Kentucky.  But don't go making up your own goofy sign thinking it's going to happen to you. Carrie told the "Orange County Register" that she will NOT be kissing any other fans regardless of how creative they get. And that goes for signs asking to her sing happy birthday to you, or go to the prom . . . or whatever. However, if you'd like some action from Carrie's opening act HUNTER HAYES, well, she actually encourages you to pursue that one. Carrie says, quote, "He's young, he should have fun."

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