Monday, October 22, 2012

Jason Aldean Hopes to Someday Put an Entertainer of the Year Trophy on His Shelf

Every country artist wants to win an Entertainer of the Year award, right?  Of course they do. But not all of them will come right out and admit it. So I like it when JASON ALDEAN simply lays his cards on the table. Jason told the "Tennessean", quote, "That award is something that I hope that I can look back and say, 'You know what? I got one of those, even if it is just one.' "For me, I put everything I've had into our live shows and tried to build my career around that. If there's one award to me that means anything else, it's that one." Professionally, Jason had the kind of year that could bring home the big trophy, that is if the CMA voters are willing to ignore his adulterous indiscretion with that former "American Idol" chick Brittany Kerr. If they can't, Jason understands. He says, quote, "I said at SOME point in my career. It doesn't have to be this year. I mean, as much as I think the timing of this could affect that, that's kind of the last thing on my mind right now, too."

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