Thursday, November 8, 2012

Check Out Scarlett Johansson's Ugly New Tattoo!

When people decide something is art, then it's art . . . no matter how crappy it looks. And SCARLETT JOHANSSON'S new tattoo is a testament to that. Scarlett got a poorly-drawn horseshoe on her ribcage, along with the words "Lucky You". And it looks like a CHILD drew it. The thing is, it was actually drawn by a famous French artist who goes by the name FUZI. And this is just his style. He does a lot of tattoos, and they all look like they're poorly-drawn. (--Here's a gallery in case you're interested.) Scarlett's a fan of this guy . . . so we have to assume she's very happy with her new ink.
Meanwhile, just about everybody she shows this to is going to think she got RIPPED OFF by a shoddy tattoo artist.  Either that, or it was done by her prison cellmate.  Is it really "hip" when pretty much NOBODY gets it?

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