Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hunter Hayes Explains Why He Played All the Instruments on His Debut Album

I always thought HUNTER HAYES played every instrument on his self-titled debut album because he wanted to impress people. But no, Hunter says he only did it because he didn't have money and, well, because he could! He told VH1, quote, "It's a process born out of the way I used to do my demos because I didn't really have a choice. I knew a couple of instruments, and I had a bunch of gear. "And if I was gonna write songs, I'd never hear them finished until I'd actually cut them myself. I didn't have money to do demos, and there was nobody else really around at the time. So it just kind of became a way I'm used to working, and we ended up making the whole record that way."

By the way... Check out the video. It's Hunter at age 4 on stage with Hank Jr.! AMAZING!

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