Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jack Doesn't Know Jack: The Kichen "The Souffle!"

Congratulations to Lisa From Rock Hill, NY for knowing todays correct answer! Tune in tomorrow at 6:50 for the next Jack Doesn't Know Jack: The Kitchen question of the day!

You are determined to succeed in the kitchen, you decide to make a souffle...it looks easy enough in the cookbooks..so you mix and you stir and you mix and you stir and you mix...well you get the idea. When the timer goes off and you remove the souffle from the oven, it's flatter than a pancake...what should you have done differently to keep this from happenning....

A. Added more Yeast
B. Instead of stirring by hand you should have used the paint mixer from Home Depot
C. Gently folded in the egg whites

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