Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Jack Doesn't KNow Jack: The Kitchen - The Soup!

Congratulations to Sarah from Rhinebeck, NY for knowing todays correct answer! Tune in tomorrow at 6:50 for the next Jack Doesn't Know Jack: The Kitchen question of the day!

It was kind of a rainy night here in the Hudson Valley and what better on a night like that than a nice warm bowl of homemade soup. Into the kitchen I go, all the ingredients are chopped and tossed in, I added the broth, and then I began to season it...I tasted it and it doesn't seem to have enough salt so I added more...a little later I taste it and still not enough salt so I add more...I did this 3 more times, when it's time to serve it I taste one last time and it is way too what am I gonna do???

A. Strain it through a Cheesecloth to absorb the salt

B. Put chunks of raw potato in and let simmer abit longer, then remove the potatoes and toss as they have absorbed the salt

c. grab your wife's sea sponge from the bathroom to soak up the extra salt

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