Friday, May 6, 2011

Jack Doesn't Know Jack: The Kitchen - "Something's Fishy..."

Congratulations to Aileen from Kingston for know ing the correct answer to todays question! The GRAND PRIZE Winner will be announced at 8:50 today!

It's been a crazy day at work, and I’m starved, I want something I think fish in the microwave, that shouldn't take that long! I plop it in a pyrex dish, put a lid on it and in it goes...but it doesn't seem to be cooking so I just keep adding time to the cook cycle..when you finally take it out it sort of resembles jiffy pop..or maybe fishy pop...what could I have done to avoid this stinky mess?

A. Placed plastic wrap over the pyrex, with 1 corner left open for venting and cooked at a lower temp.
B. started with frozen fish, not fresh
c. should have stopped for a Filet-O-fish at McDonalds on the way home.

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