Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jack Doesn't Know Jack: The Kitchen - "Brownie Nightmare"

Congratulations to Marie from Fishkill, NY for know the correct answer to the Jack Doesn't Know Jack question of the day. You have one more chance tomorrow at 6:50 to score the Jack Doesn't Know Jack Prize Pack and being in the running for the Saturday cooking class for two at the Culinary Institute Of America!

I decided to make my and my wife's favorite dessert, double chocolate brownies! BUT no mixes for sir! I'm gonna bake from scratch! I gather up the the ingredients! Or, mostly all the ingredients...I realize I don't have any baking chocolate to make the brownies really gooey! On No! So, I crush up Cocoa Puffs and mix them in, thinking that will work, it doesn't. What should you have done?

A. melted down the half eaten Chocolate bunny from 2 years ago
B. mix food colorings together so the batter sort of looks brown
C. added a mixture of 3 parts cocoa powder and 1 part oil to the batter to add the chocolate gooeyness

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