Monday, May 23, 2011

Jerrod Niemann Has *No* Embarrassing Songs on His iPod!

Most of us would admit we have a few songs on our portable device that we're not exactly proud to tell everyone about. Somebody tried to trap JERROD NIEMANN into admitting he does . . . but he wouldn't bite. He answered, quote, "I don't have embarrassing songs. My iPod, it's pretty dear to me, so I am not embarrassed. My parents owned a rolling skating rink while I was growing up, so there are those songs. (--Like what Jerrod, "Dancing Queen"? But, I digress...continue...LOL)"And some old-school TUPAC (SHAKUR), the song, 'Me Against the World' . . . and old-school stuff, like 'Walk This Way' with RUN-D.M.C. and AEROSMITH." Jerrod also talked about having GARTH BROOKS and rockers VAMPIRE WEEKEND on his iPod. Personally, I'm cool with the diversity. How about you? Any songs you wish to keep secret? Hit us up on Facebook!

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