Tuesday, May 24, 2011

John Rich Thinks a "Fair Portion" of Celebrities are Completely Crazy . . . And He Swears Donald Trump's Hair is Real!

Are celebrities completely crazy, or does it just seem like it? They are, according to JOHN RICH, who was asked that very question. He answered, quote, "Completely crazy? A fair portion. I think to have a long career in the entertainment business, you've got to be a little crazy because you get the snot beaten out of you a lot. "You get told no. You fail a whole lot. To keep coming back and back and back when the odds are stacked so high against you, you've got to be a little crazy. It's like being a bull rider."
--Speaking of John Rich, by competing on "The Celebrity Apprentice", which he won on Sunday, he's actually been close enough to get a good look at what's on DONALD TRUMP'S head. And John swears that it REALLY IS HAIR. He said, quote, "What surprised me the most is that (Trump's) hair is real. It is! It actually is. He had HOPE (DWORACZYK), who is a 'Playboy' playmate, of course, come up, and he said, 'Hope, you can feel it. It's totally real.' "Sure enough, she's running her fingers through it and we're all going, 'Okay, here you go.'"

Now THAT'S Funny!

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