Friday, July 29, 2011

Blake Shelton Loves That "The Voice" Helped Him Win Over New Fans.

There's no doubt that "The Voice" has given BLAKE SHELTON'S career a huge boost. It may even end up making him a household name. It's certainly getting him recognized. He explains, quote, "It actually blows me away. It's definitely obvious. "Just walking down the streets of New York City with MIRANDA (LAMBERT), people are stopping me and wanting to say hi and take a picture or something, and it's always about that show. "I've been going to New York City and Los Angeles for 10 years and you can count on one hand how many times someone has recognized me in New York City." What Blake loves even more than the recognition, has been the opportunity to show people what he's all about. He continues, quote, "There's no better feeling than that feeling like you won somebody over. "And it's the same feeling I had the very first time I got on stage and held a microphone when I was seven or eight years old. "It's that same rush of I'm starting from zero, you know, and I want to make these people like me and like my music and what I stand for and who I am as a person. "So when you have that opportunity like I do with 'The Voice', there's that whole new group of people again."

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