Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jason Aldean Doesn't Care If People Hate His "Dirt Road Anthem" Raps

JASON ALDEAN knew he was going to offend at least a few country purists by inserting some hip-hop rhymes into his song "Dirt Road Anthem". But his message to those people is: It's STILL country. He says, quote, "The song is a country song, I don't care how you slice it. The basis of the song is the exact same thing I talk about in a lot of my songs, it's just a different way of delivering it. "For a one time deal for me, it's different, cool and unlike anything we've put out." Jason's instincts are pretty solid because "Dirt Road Anthem" is currently Number One on the "Billboard" Top Country Songs chart. Jason's bigger point is that he's doing things his way, regardless of what other people say. He continues, quote, "I think from day one I brought my flair to what I do and my version is what I think country music is. "What I think country music is may not be what everyone else thinks it is."

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  1. The reason Jason Aldean made people mad isn't because he rapped in his song. The reason people hate him is because he keeps stealing songs from Brantley Gilbert and sounds horrible doing it. If you don't agree listen to Brantley's versions of his own songs and you won't ever wanna hear Aldean again.