Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Taylor Swift Does Not Feel "Entitled" to Her Success

TAYLOR SWIFT has been famous for around five years now so surely it's time to drop the sweet and humble routine,right? NOPE! Taylor said in a recent interview that she still LOVES it when people compliment her. She said, quote, "For me, there is a reset button when someone says something nice to me. Every time someone says something nice to you, it's a new thing. It's something to really appreciate, I'm never going to feel entitled to success." Taking compliments is the easy part, so how does Taylor deal with the haters? Well, she simply remembers where she came from. She said, quote, "A great deal of it is how you're raised and how your family encourages you to be. "Another big part of it is keeping your priorities in the right place. And why you got here in the first place and why you wanted to be here, to make music. It's all keeping a healthy prospective of what your life is and what normal is."

This is exactly why I like Taylor Swift. It always nice to see when an artis appreciates her fans so much. Way too go Taylor!

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