Friday, July 1, 2011

Taylor Swift's Guilty Pleasures Include "16 and Pregnant", '90s One-Hit Wonders, and YouTube Videos of Kittens.

TAYLOR SWIFT is on the cover of this month's "Teen Vogue", and in her interview she talks about her fashion icons, her guilty pleasures, and her obsession with MARISKA HARGITAY. Naturally they had to ask her about her fashion sense. She said, quote, "My personal style is very girly, and what I seem to be fascinated by is fashion throughout history, I love to play around with vintage throwback looks, and retro styles. "When I look back and I see fashion icons I see Jackie O and Grace Kelly. Then recently, I think I've always really loved Nicole Kidman, and Faith Hill, and Shania Twain always looks beautiful." It got weirder when they asked about guilty pleasures she can't live without. She said, quote, "'Teen Mom', '16 and Pregnant', '90s one-hit wonders, watching YouTube videos of kittens, the app CatPaint. I CatPaint all my pictures. It's weird."

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