Friday, August 5, 2011

Blake Shelton Agreed to Sing on Trace Adkins New Song "If I Was a Woman" Without Even Hearing It First.

Last year I mentioned that TRACE ADKINS and TOBY KEITH were planning to record a silly song together titled "If I Were a Woman, I'd Love a Man Like Me". Well, they didn't because Trace went with BLAKE SHELTON instead. The final version of the song is called "If I Was a Woman" and it's on Trace's new album, "Proud To Be Here", which dropped Tuesday. Trace says it was easy talking Blake into it, quote, "I called Blake and said, 'Sing the thing with me.' "He agreed to it before he'd even heard it. And when he did, he said, 'Thank God. I thought it was gonna suck.' I cussed him for a good, solid 90 seconds for thinking that."

Yeah...I can see that happening. -Hammer

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