Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hero of the Day: An 85-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Went Skydiving on His Birthday to Stick it to Hitler . . . and Prove That "the [S.O.B.] Didn't Succeed"!

It's time for our Hero of the Day. Gary Lenzner turned 85 last Sunday, and took the opportunity to celebrate in a pretty badass way. Gary is a Holocaust survivor. In 1945, he managed to escape from the Buchenwald concentration camp while being led back from harvesting fields. He hid in a nearby farmhouse until Americans liberated the camp. And to celebrate his 85th birthday, Gary decided to go skydiving as an (your explative here) to Adolf Hitler. He said, quote, "I'd like to prove the [S.O.B.] didn't succeed." He added, quote, "I had two children, eight grandchildren, and five great grandchildren, and now I'm jumping out of an airplane." Gary now lives in Mission Viejo, California and went to Nichol's Field in San Diego for the birthday jump. He jumped tandem with an instructor from 10,000 feet. The landing was successful, and Hitler can suck it, thanks to our Hero of the Day: Gary Lenzner.

(Orange County Register)

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