Thursday, August 4, 2011

The "Ottawa Citizen" Reporter Denies Trying to Provoke Miranda Lambert

The other day we posted about MIRANDA LAMBERT'S beef with a journalist from Canada's "Ottawa Citizen". Miranda Tweeted that the writer had tried to trap her into talking about gun control, when she preferred to stick to the music. It was actually a one-sided beef because she didn't go public with anything until several days after they talked. Well, the writer, one Patrick Langston, is now offering up his take. As you'd expect, he claims to be "totally surprised" by Miranda's terse Tweets. He described the interview as friendly. However, he did admit asking Miranda about her cover version of the song "Time to Get a Gun". It appears he was suggesting that the original version, which is by some Canadian singer you've never heard about, tells the story of a guy who is actually shocked that he's even thinking about buying a gun. But Langston suggested Miranda intended the song to be a "gun anthem". And then he outright asked her about her views on guns. That's when Miranda realized he was trying to cook up some controversy so she told him she didn’t want to get political.
The actual article is due out this weekend . . . so it'll be interesting to see how it reads. I wouldn't be surprised if the paper cleans it up to make it look like the journalist was polite and nice.

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