Thursday, August 4, 2011

Luke Bryan Found Out That Being a Country Star Is "Just Like Any Job"

Performers are always talking about how much fun they're having. Maybe, but the smart ones know they'd better work their backsides off too. It's something LUKE BRYAN is finding out now. He tells the "The Oklahoman", quote, "You never just get idle. You just always have to be on your game and be mindful of what's going on. It's just like any job: You've gotta give it your all, day in and day out."

On a personal note: I saw Luke Bryan in concert. This man was a ball of energy and a GREAT performer. I think in general, that ALL Country artists "get it". They know times are tough and it's hard to afford concerts now. So they give every show their "all". Thank you to all Country music artists!

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