Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Miranda Lambert Has A Beef With A Writer From the "Ottawa Sun"!

Sometime last week MIRANDA LAMBERT did an interview with Canada's "Ottawa Citizen". It was about her upcoming concert, which is going down August 12th, in Ottawa. Simple enough. Or is it? At some point in the interview the writer decided to get all political and call out Miranda's pro gun rights stance. At least that's my take after reading a couple of Tweets Miranda posted last Friday. Here's what she wrote, quote, "Dear Mr. Writer at Ottawa Citizen: next time you interview me, let's keep it about the music and not about your view on my stance on guns . . . "I don't talk politics period. I'm not sure all Canadians would like to be put in your category. Speak for yourself not your country. Thx!" And then she added, quote, "PS I can't wait to see my faithful Ottawa fans!:) 2 weeks."

It's kind of hard to comment until I see the actual interview. I mean, is this just some clown trying to score points with his editors by blindsiding Miranda about an issue she doesn't care to discuss? Or, did the dude merely bring it up and then the more Miranda thought about it, the more ticked-off she got? I HAVE to go with the former. Miranda is way too cool to overreact for no reason.

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