Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blake Shelton's Song "God Gave Me You" Came at a Low Point in his Relationship with Miranda Lambert.

Artists love to talk about how critical it is to choose the right music to record. And yet, every once in a while they come across a song that chooses THEM. That's what happened to BLAKE SHELTON and his #1 hit "God Gave Me You".
He says, quote, "I was flipping through stations and landed on a contemporary Christian station, and that song came on and I almost had to pull the truck over. I felt like I was hearing that song at that moment for a reason." The reason was that Blake and MIRANDA LAMBERT were going through a tough time. He says, quote, "It's no secret, Miranda and I have had our ups and downs over the years and this was definitely at a low point at our relationship." The version that Blake heard was written and recorded by Christian artist DAVE BARNES.

Just a side note from me...
Sometimes when we ask for a sign, it's not always one that we see. Wait for your sign with your heart, not always with your eyes and ears. Lord knows, I know exactly what Blake meant.

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