Monday, October 17, 2011

Two NFL Coaches Got Into a Fight After Their Post-Game Handshake!

The 49ers beat the Lions 25-19 yesterday, and immediately after the game, Niners coach JIM HARBAUGH and Lions coach JIM SCHWARTZ almost got into a FIGHT. Harbaugh was jumping up and down celebrating, and he gave Schwartz a pretty hard handshake at mid-field, and sort of dismissed him. And he also allegedly shouted a swear word. And Schwartz apparently took offense . . . because he ended up CHASING Harbaugh down the field, while the players and coaches kept them from going at it. Harbaugh tried to accept some of the blame for it, but not really. He said, quote, "I was really revved up . . . That's on me. [The] handshake was too hard." But they both definitely lost their cool. Here's the video! Check it out for yourself!

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