Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rodney Atkins Is Finally Opening Up About Reuniting With His Birth Mother.

Two pivotal moments in RODNEY ATKINS' life happened in 2008. He became the spokesman for the National Council for Adoption and he decided to search for his birth mother. (His birth mother got pregnant at 19, and, until recently, managed to hide the entire pregnancy from her family. She gave Rodney up for adoption when he was an infant. For privacy reasons he refuses to reveal her name.) Once Rodney decided to go for it, it didn't take long to locate his birth mom. Good thing, because it sounds like it was eating him up. He told, quote, "I needed to close that door. "But I also just wanted to tell her thank you, because she had some other alternatives to end that situation. I'm glad I did that really, really, really for her."(--The alternative he's referring to is, of course, abortion.) Rodney's birth mother has been living her entire adult life not knowing anything about her child. He explains, quote, "She's been carrying that around, wondering what happened, and I could tell it was such a relief. "She kept saying, 'I'm sorry.' I kept saying, 'Thank you.'" Rodney's birth mom eventually married and had another son. And after she reunited with Rodney, she finally told HER mother about the secret. Rodney says, quote, "She had to tell her after all these years, 'You have another grandson that I never told you about.' I can't imagine what she's been carrying."

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