Friday, October 14, 2011

Taylor Swift Has Recorded 25 Songs for Her Next Album...ALREADY!

We won't be seeing a new album from TAYLOR SWIFT until late next year . . . but it may be worth the wait because she already has enough songs recorded for a double album! Taylor talked about it on RYAN SEACREST'S show yesterday. She said, quote, "(I've) already recorded 25 songs, and we have a year to go! I've been writing so much more in the first part of this recording process than I did last time." Since Taylor works nonstop, she was asked how she finds the time to knock out so much music. Turns out it's late at night when the rest of the world is getting sloppy in clubs. She said, quote, "Being so busy there's not a lot of time to stop in the middle of the day. And when you get inspiration it's like four in the morning and you're in a hotel room and there's nobody to call." Since Halloween is right around the corner, Taylor was asked if she's picked out a costume. She said, quote, "I really want to be a 'Toddlers & Tiaras' girl, but I might blow it off." Taylor has a pretty good reason for not being as enthused about Halloween as you and I. She says, quote, "The idea of dressing up is awesome, but it also feels like work because I change clothes nine times in my show."

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