Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Cops Pulled Brad Paisley Over for DUI . . . Even Though He Was Stone Cold Sober!

When was the last time you heard about a celebrity getting pulled over for DUI and then let go, because they were stone cold sober? Never? Well, here's your first. It happened to BRAD PAISLEY, whom, as you may know, doesn't drink or smoke. He told "Nightline", quote, "I got pulled over the other day for suspected DUI, which was funny because I'm never drunk.I hadn't had a drink at all. "I had two kids in the back seat. We had been to get ice cream. And to my kids, it was the greatest thing that's ever happened. They ran through the house when we got home telling everybody that Daddy got arrested." One more thing about Brad's interview with "Nightline". He was asked if there are any surprise headliners coming up at next week's CMAs, which Brad is co-hosting with CARRIE UNDERWOOD. There is. Brad said, quote, "HANK WILLIAMS JR. "I know Hank really well. He shouldn't have said what he said, but I know Hank, and I like Hank. (We thought), let's figure something out he can do to make up for it, if that fits, so he can start a comeback."

Here's Brad's full interview on "Nightline".

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  1. I commend Brad Paisley for being straight-edge. I also commend the police officer who pulled him over on suspected DUI - he was just doing his job, actually. :) I’m glad that there wasn’t a need to arrest Brad. It’s good to know that there are people out there who keep the streets safe.

    Finn Rossi

  2. Well, it was stated that Paisley was only suspected for DUI. I think the cop must’ve been very dedicated to his job, that’s why he insisted on pulling Paisley over. At least he was quickly cleared of suspicion, and his kids had an interesting experience to share. Haha!

    Norma Richards @ Just Bail Bond