Thursday, November 3, 2011

A TV Station in Canada Held a $2 Million Lottery Drawing . . . and Their Sports Anchor Won!

The Global BC TV network in Vancouver held a lottery on Halloween, and the grand prize was a $2.5 million house. And when they did the drawing on live TV, the winner turned out to be the station's SPORTS ANCHOR! His name is Barry Deley. And he wasn't in the studio. But as soon as they found out he won, the two news anchors called him, and put the call on the air. He was at the grocery store when he got the news. The lottery benefited the British Columbia Children's Hospital. And it turns out Deley's daughter was a patient there when she battled leukemia seven years ago. Deley and his family get to choose from five different prizes. There are four different properties including an estate worth $2.5 million. Or they can take $2 million in cash! Barry told his colleagues he had a DREAM this would happen.

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