Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Country Artists Talk About Their Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes.

Everyone has that one favorite dish they can't wait to dig into on Thanksgiving and country stars are no exception. Here are a few them talking about theirs.

EASTON CORBIN: "We eat deer meat at Thanksgiving. Is that odd? Not in the south, right?"

HILLARY SCOTT of LADY ANTEBELLUM: "My favorite Thanksgiving food would have to be my grandmother's sweet potato casserole. There's just something she puts in it (probably all the love) that makes it better than anything I've ever tasted."

ALAN JACKSON: "My favorite Thanksgiving dish would be the homemade, cornbread-based kind of dressin' that we always have with turkey. That recipe is a combination of my mama's and (my wife) Denise has taken it and perfected it over the years, so that me and my children really enjoy it."

JAMES OTTO: "I love to eat,sadly, and all the best foods come out of Thanksgiving, like stuffing and all the things that are bad for you."

JUSTIN MOORE: "Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, because you don't have to fool with presents! It's just everybody gets together, drink beer and fry turkeys."

JAMES WESLEY: "We eat sausage balls with Louisiana hot sauce. My wife made those one year, and they were so good. They're so little, but you just pop them and before you know it you've eaten a whole loaf of bread. We sit around, eat, watch TV and tell stories on one another."

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