Monday, November 21, 2011

My Life: #2 - "I'm A Klutz!"

Ya know, it's not easy being me. Light on my feet...sometimes. A klutz? MOST OF THE TIME! I came in today feeling pretty good. Had a nice weekend. Giants lost. My wife is away on business...nothing earth shattering That is until my clumsey side showed itself this morning at 5:15. Getting ready for the show doing my usual until....I trip over the studio chair, go flying and slam my hand into our internet computer keyboard. Smash hand onto spacebar and voila! Spacebar no longer works. So as I type this, the space bar is missing, using a pen to hit the little "space button" where the bar use to exsist and its taking forever for me to type this entry. I now have to explain to our engineering dept how I'm an idiot and how I broke the spacebar. This should be good...I'm a KLUTZ!
Welcome to my life!

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