Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Brad Paisley Is Donating Proceeds From His New Song "Hard Life" . . . To A Very Worthy Cause

BRAD PAISLEY did a really cool thing. He recorded a song called "Hard Life", which was written by his friend Joe Kindregan. Joe suffers from a rare, fatal genetic disease called A-T, or ataxia-telangiectasia.(--It's also called Louis-Bar syndrome.) The song is from Joe's point of view and he doesn't pull punches about what it's like living with A-T. And yet, he remains totally positive. It's pretty inspiring. Here's Brad talking about his buddy. He says, quote, "I've known Joe for several years and he is one of my favorite people. "His disease is physically debilitating but obviously creatively and mentally Joe has such tremendous depth. It's an honor for me to be the person to give voice to his creativity and cause."
Brad is donating all of his artist royalties from the digital version to the A-T Children's Project.

You Can Purchase The Song From Itunes. Click Here!

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