Monday, December 12, 2011

Luke Bryan Took to His Twitter Page . . . to Apologize for His Drunk Tweets.

You can add LUKE BRYAN to the list of people who may never drunk Tweet again. It started last Thursday when he took his wife Caroline to a Nashville restaurant called Virago. Luke Tweeted, quote, "It's my anniversary. Daddy's getting lucky." And then came the lethal combination of too much firewater and perceived disrespect. Luke wrote, quote, "Hey y'all. It's been a great night. But. However. Virago the sub par sushi joint made me take my hat off mid meal." And then, quote, "After 2 bottles of Dom (Perignon). So will never eat mediocre sushi again on my anniversary." Believe it or not, Luke was just getting started. He then tried to start a backlash. He asked everyone to, quote, "Join me in my boycott of Virago. Sushi restaurant against those who sing and perform country music." And he followed that up with some shameless boasting, quote, "Yes, I left a 150 dollar tip. Had the manager not scolded me like a child I would have left double that." Luke even drove the point home that he was NOT of sound mind. He wrote, quote, "I'm is drunk. Love y'all. See y'all in the morning." As we all know, a round of drunk Tweets must be followed by some sober apologies. The next day, which was Friday, Luke Tweeted, quote, "Well, in the wake of my drunk tweets. I do wanna apologize to Virago. The food was really great and the service was great too." Plus, quote, "Also sorry about the choice words." I guess you can never give too many props to the people you just badmouthed. Luke added, quote, "Also, Caroline and I had a great night together. I never really was that mad. I truly was being silly and got carried away. Sorry again."

All in all, Luke is NOT the first to "Drunk Tweet"....and he won't be the last. At least he apologized. Some don't even do that.

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