Wednesday, January 25, 2012

David Nail Is Addicted to Twitter!

Some artists pay attention to their Twitter and Facebook pages . . . while others clearly push it off on "their people". And then there are those who LIVE their lives on them. Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton and LeAnn Rimes come to mind. And let's add DAVID NAIL to the list. Twitter is a drug that he can't live without. David said, quote, "I'm addicted to it. I think it's a brilliant avenue to share news with people." David wasn't all that interested at first, and then THE MAN got him hooked. He said, quote, "I can remember my record label begging me to get involved with this thing called Twitter and I thought, that's so ridiculous. "Who cares that I'm eating lunch at Arby's right now? But it just became addicting like a drug." David has 45,000 followers and he says he'll answer just about any question they have, especially when it comes to sports. I checked out David's Twitter page just to see what he's up to and I found an awesome Tweet from yesterday. He wrote, quote, "On the @SouthwestAir plane, man in his late 50s trying desperately to hit on flight attendant in exit row! Thrown up in my mouth twice!"

Now THAT'S funny!

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