Monday, January 16, 2012

Jake Owen Busted His Collarbone Snowboarding . . . But He's Hoping to Honor His Concert Dates

JAKE OWEN broke his collarbone while snowboarding in Colorado on Friday. I'm sure he was hurting, but not bad enough to stay away from his Twitter page. That same day he Tweeted, quote, "Just broke my collarbone. Guess I charged this mountain a little too hard. Friday the 13th showed its face today." One of Jake's fans saw the post and wondered if he'd make his shows this Wednesday and Thursday in Chicago. Jake answered him pretty quickly. He wrote, quote, "If I have to sit on a stool I'll be there. I can't let y'all down." This is NOT the first time Jake broke his collarbone. He also did it when he was a wee lad. He posted that photo too, saying, quote, "Last time I broke my collarbone. That's me and my bro after I fell off my 4-wheeler. Thanks mom for dressing us alike."

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