Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blake Shelton Watches "Say Yes to the Dress" with Miranda Lambert.

Every married man knows you have to compromise here and there if you hope to see your wife naked, here and there. But I have to admit that BLAKE SHELTON surprised me with what he admitted in "Redbook". He was talking about the little things he and Miranda do together during their valuable time at home. He said, quote, "It's the stupid things that a lot of people wouldn't think twice about that are a big deal for us. When we're home, she's very domestic, and I am too, as long as it's not deer season. (We'll be) doing laundry while watching 'Good Morning America' or 'Say Yes to the Dress', or Miranda cooking dinner for me and me telling her how good it is . . . those kinds of things are a major big deal for us."

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