Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jake Owen Is Having Surgery on His Broken Collarbone Today . . . So He's Postponing Shows Until Further Notice.

Despite JAKE OWEN'S promise not to cancel any shows because of his broken collarbone, he's postponing shows until further notice. But it's not something he had any control over, because his doctor decided to schedule SURGERY for TODAY! Here's Jake's Tweet from yesterday when he sensed something bad was up. He wrote, quote, "In the Dr. waiting on my sentence. You know it's not good when he comes in and says, 'That break is worse than the football teams'.'Damn." Soon after that Jake got the bad news. He Tweeted, quote, "I guess I spoke too soon. So sorry to my friends and fans. I'm going in for surgery tomorrow morning. My shows will be postponed." (--Jake's shows tomorrow and Thursday in Chicago WILL BE rescheduled . . . but it's too early to say when.)According to Jake's tour page, his next scheduled show is February 3rd in Dallas, Texas.
(--This is the downside of updating your every thought or move on Twitter and Facebook. Jake promised the whole world that, despite busting his shoulder, he would honor his tour dates. I'm pretty sure he'll think twice the next time.)

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