Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kevin Costner's Song "The Angels Came Down" Has Been Adopted by the Families of Soldiers Who Died in Last Year's SEAL Helicopter Crash.

KEVIN COSTNER & MODERN WEST'S song "The Angels Came Down" is a tribute to soldiers who paid the ultimate price for their country. And it's hit home with families who lost loved ones in that Navy SEAL helicopter crash last year in Afghanistan. If you don't remember it, a Chinook helicopter was shot down on August 6th west of Kabul. All 38 people on board were killed . . . including 20 members of SEAL Team Six. It's considered the worst loss of life in the Afghanistan campaign. Kevin explains, quote, "We suffered a terrible tragedy, and we lost so many Navy SEALs and pilots. "The Gold Star Moms and the Gold Star Wives have adopted a song that we wrote that deals with the passing of a soldier and that moment when they lose their life. We couldn't be more proud." Kevin and Modern West will be performing at Fort Knox on April 14th in a special ceremony honoring those who were lost in the crash.

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  1. Kevin , you truly are an amazing man. I grew up with you & admired all that you do. Next to "GOD" I LOVE YOU! Your # 1 fan. Great full! Kathy Merriam