Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Josh Turner Can Name Any Country Song in Two Notes!

If they ever do a country-only version of "Name That Tune" . . . JOSH TURNER is going to totally dominate. That's because he can spit out the name of just about any country song after hearing the first couple of notes. Josh says, quote, "I've just been blessed with a country music brain. When I'm listening to the radio, I kind of drive myself crazy. It's like from the first two notes I know who's going to be singing it. "I have trouble remembering the words, but I can remember the sound of it, the artist and all that kind of stuff. I can tell you all about the artist. But yeah, it's just the way my brain works." Josh has used the skill to nail people who've tried to pitch him songs that have already been recorded by somebody else. He says, quote, "I would call them out on it. They were like, they'd start hitting the desk, 'Dadgumit. How'd you know that?'"

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