Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Homeless Man Gets to Keep the $77,000 He Found in a Park in January!

46-year-old Timothy Yost is a homeless man in Bastrop, Texas. On January 18th, he went to Fisherman's Park so he could wash his feet in the Colorado River. That's when he noticed a bag, sitting on the bank of the river. Timothy looked inside and found 70 $100 bills and 40 gold Krugerrands, which are South African gold coins worth about $1,700 each.  All together, the bag was worth about $77,000. The money was wet, so Timothy took the cash to a bank and asked if he could exchange it for dry bills. They told him he had to wait until the money dried . . . and called the police. The police took custody of the bag, placed ads and waited several months, but they weren't able to find its owner.  (--Someone came forward, and police thought he was credible . . . but then he withdrew his claim for some reason.)
The Bastrop city council voted unanimously to let Timothy have the loot!


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