Monday, July 9, 2012

Ernest Borgnine is Dead at 95.

Legendary Oscar-winning actor ERNEST BORGNINE died yesterday at the age of 95.  There's no word yet on the cause of death. Borgnine has several iconic roles on his resume. He beat FRANK SINATRA to death in "From Here to Eternity". He was one of the survivors of "The Poseidon Adventure". And he was the title character on the '60s sitcom "McHale's Navy".

(--Ernest was actually in the Navy for 10 years before becoming an actor.)

TIM CONWAY was one of Borgnine's co-stars on the show.  Decades later they would team up again to provide the voices for superheroes Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy on "SpongeBob SquarePants".
Borgnine was Mermaid Man.  Conway was Barnacle Boy. 

In 1955, Borgnine won an Oscar for his role as a lonely butcher who finds love in "Marty". His other classic films include "The Wild Bunch", "Bad Day at Black Rock", "The Dirty Dozen" and "Escape from New York". He also had two other significant TV gigs: He co-starred with Jan-Michael Vincent on the '80s action-adventure show "Airwolf", and played a doorman on the '90s sitcom "The Single Guy". -Horror fans would know Ernest from a couple "classic" low-budget flicks he did in the '70s. He was done in by an army of vengeful rats in the original version of "Willard" in 1971 . . . and turned into a goat-headed demon thingy in the 1975 flick "The Devil's Rain", co-starring WILLIAM SHATNER and JOHN TRAVOLTA in his first film role.

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