Monday, July 9, 2012

Tim McGraw Only Gets Nervous in Front of Small Crowds, and He's Still Putting Off His Political Aspirations . . . For Now.

TIM MCGRAW is still churning through that 22-city 'Brothers in the Sun' tour with KENNY CHESNEY. It's stadiums only . . . and that's just how he likes it. He says, quote, "The bigger the crowd, the better for me. You get more nervous the smaller the crowd is. The intimate things are fun but it's more nerve-racking when you can see everybody. "When there's 50,000 people, you sort of can just play to the back of the audience and have a great time." And remember back when he threatened to run for office as a Democratic senator or governor in Tennessee? Well, those days are over . . . for now. Tim was in Minneapolis on Sunday, and the "Minneapolis Star Tribune" asked him about that. Probably because it's an election year, and Tim's never been shy when it comes to politics. Here's what we said.  Quote:  "That was back in my drinking days. Who knows? I feel like I've been very fortunate. "If one of these days I'm in a position where I can give back, and feel like I'm smart enough to help and not just doing it for the hell of doing it, then it would be something I'd consider. But certainly it would be after my kids are grown. "I pay attention. I'm not sure anyone wants to hear my opinion . . . or that I should give my opinions."

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