Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kenny Chesney Says It's a Blast Bringing Sports Stars on Stage to Sing.

We know KENNY CHESNEY loves hanging with sports stars. And the feeling is mutual. We've seen NFL teams let him suit up and make a fool out of himself at practice. Kenny returns the favor by pulling players on stage to sing off key. Obviously, it's all a goof . . . and a thrill for both sides. Kenny explains, quote, "It's great to see the crowd roar for them when they come on stage, which is a completely different setting than being at bat. "(But) I will say this: KEVIN MILLAR is the worst singer I've ever been on stage with. I met him when I was taking batting practice for the Red Sox, which remains one of my biggest thrills. "Kevin is a big kid at heart and a great guy who I'm still close with today, but he came up on stage when we were playing in Toronto and sang his favorite [song of mine], 'Old Blue Chair'. "It was just a terrible version!  But he really had a blast and it was all in good fun."

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